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iPhone Backup and Restore Help!

I wanted to share this with anyone who is frustrated and runs into the problem that I had.

My scenario was that I had an iPhone 5, that the screen bubbled up, and the phone was failing to function properly. I contacted the warranty support group, and received a new phone.

I backed up my iPhone with iTunes, and had a complete backup on my computer. Then I plugged in the new phone, and things did not work.

It started because the phone I had was upgraded to iOS 8.4, and the new iPhone came with iOS 7.x, so it could not restore.

I had to setup the new iPhone as a new device on iTunes, and then I had to upgrade it to iOS 8.x. Once it was upgraded I started a restore but to my frustration, it did not restore anything from my previous phone. In fact when I clicked restore, iTunes told me it would only take a few seconds to restore. I knew that was not correct, since I was expecting iTunes to restore 55GB of data, and that should take longer than 5 seconds.

In this video, I show you exactly what buttons to click and where to look. At the end of the video, you will be able to restore your entire phone, as a COPY, with EVERYTHING intact, as it was.

Mind you, that when you do the full restore, you will have to reenter the passwords for all email accounts, and you will have to enter info for websites or apps that require usernames and passwords, but how the home screen looks, all the apps you have installed, and how everything is arranged will come back 100%.

I read many articles that said this was not possible, and I am here to say that if you follow this video, you will see how you can have the same results that I had, as I ran across this problem on my own. The video is 10 min, and I take the time to explain this, the cause, and the resolution.

Watch the video, and get the tips and tricks you need to go and restore your iPhone, and hopefully, I will save you the 3+ hours of frustration, plus the lost day and a 1/2 that I spent trying to just transfer the contents of my phone, to the new phone.

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