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Onitod – 07171998b_89 [ Album: Cross Reference ]

This track was unnamed, it is a song that was written in 1998. It is a slow-paced and easy going song, which is meant to slow down, and carry your mind away from that which distracts you, to a place of peace and contemplation.

Recorded on Tascam DA-88s, through a SoundCraft LX7, it was eventually mastered on Logic Pro years later. The Ibanez guitar is run through a Zoom 9150 tube guitar effects processor. There are sounds from a Roland TR-909, JV-880, JV-1080, EMU Ultra Proteus, Kawai K11, and other wonderful synths.

The album title comes from the place of contemplating the Cross. Many times in life we live in a place of relativity. That is we think from where we are at the moment. Since every one is at a different place, we all think from different spaces. In the days before Jesus Christ, this was a huge problem, in fact that is the reason that Abraham was chosen by God. In the days of Abraham, every man did as he pleased, and as a result, there was chaos and disorder.

In this rampant disorder there was no justice, nor could there be an penalty or accountability. Where there is no reference, there is no way to hold to any kind of justice, or begin to evaluate one conclusion over another. There must be a point of reference for there to be order, justice, and a sense of direction. If there is none established, than everyone is blind .

God called out Abraham, as one who tried to do what was right, who tried to do what he believed in his heart was the right thing to do. This pleased God, because God had given him his heart, and that he followed it, was pleasing to God.

In this day and age, and over time, we are much like those who lived in the days of Abraham. There is a great deal of corruption and injustice all over the world, and through this there is a lack of reference.

To be sane, and find a center of peace in this world, we must have a reference of certainty and security, so that we may attain to self-control, and restraint, to grow and mature.

Therefore it is necessary to define in our lives a point, that does not change. This is why God says through the Bible, over and over, that He does not change. It is to give us security and certainty. That if we pursue His ways, that HE will take care of us, and those promises are as true today, as they have ever been.

If you find that your life, is lacking in security, and things are always in random chaos, and you are not in your heart liking where you are, and you wish it was better, that things could be better, and you earnestly in your heart yearn for a better way to live, then God is speaking to you right now, to come and make the Cross a reference point in your life, in fact to make the Cross, the single point of reference in your life. Seek out Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and begin on a journey, a process where you will be lead to your hearts desire, and believe me, you will find a joy and happiness that you would have never realized possible before. Allow God to work in your life, as you take shelter in His protection, and find your life transformed, in as many ways as you can imagine, even beyond what you thought possible. Be well, and take care my friend.

I have put together some preview tracks. I am about to publish 16 albums, from content that was created between 1997-2014. For the next batch of music tracks, they will feature PREVIEW on the splash screen, and so that means that this track, is one song of an album-in-progress. The track may or may not be in its final mastered form. During this preview promotion, you will get to hear a good many different styles that I produced over the years, and will get a feeling for what is coming down the pipe. All the songs are copyrighted their original content year, and the albums will be formally published in 2015. Once published I will update links on the videos to the iTunes and Amazon, and other places that they music will be available. If you would like to use the music for commercial purposes, you can contact me, and we can talk about your needs and find something that works.


Onitod – The Rain Will Come and Go [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

The Rain Will Come and Go, is a driving electronic track, heavy on the EDM. It uses a variety of vintage sounds to sooth and satisfy the soul. This pieces is more AB oriented, and switches back between its two themes, revolving certain parts The sounds are laced from sound sources such as the Roland TR-909, MKS-50, MKS-80, Juno-106, Juno-6, Juno-2, JV-880, Kawai K11, and many others.

This title is about understanding, that no matter who you are, poor or rich, no matter wealth, skin color, where you live in the world, how tall or short, or skinny overweight, no matter what, every one in the world goes through and has to deal with problems. Problems, challenges, and struggles are a part of human life, but we can choose how to handle and deal with those issues. We can choose to overcome them, or be overwhelmed by them.

I choose the title, because many difficulties are temporary. We may think that they last for a long time, but they are here, and then gone tomorrow. Many difficulties are not worth the time and emotion that we give them, they are not worth the effort or attention that we set aside for them. May you remember as you  go through life, no matter what you are facing, depression, sadness, hopelessness, despair, anxiety, worry, fear, panic, hesitation, self-confidence, or self-esteem, discouragement, anger, frustration, those only last so long, and then they are gone. So remember that you are free to find the positive, free to enjoy your life, free to seek better outcomes, free to seek protection and guidance from God. Just like the rain, troubles come and go.

This album is about waiting for the lull to be over. Waiting for the sun to come out again. Waiting for the break is life, for things to be less busy. For things to be more calm. Though, when that time comes, enjoy the quiet, enjoy the calm, for things get busy sooner or later.


Onitod – Good [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Good, is a laid back, strong force powerful electronic piece. It is a slow-moving, yet incredibly vivid chords and leads thrive. This track features the Roland TR-909, JD-800, MKS-80, Kawai K11, MKS-50, Juno-106, Korg AX30G, Soundcraft LX7, Tascam DA-88. This song was mastered on Logic Pro. With elements of trip-hop, EDM, and other influences, it rocks away, in an industrial hypnosis.

Good was a song that I really loved producing. The rich sounds, and epic pads, and staunch leads, just give the composition such character. I wanted to convey that Good is a strong and excellent quality to have in your life. Good demands that you act with integrity and honesty in your life, and that you try to pursue what is noble and right. While thinking of Spiritual Fruit, I realized that I wanted to setup what a good role-model would be like, and the Bible does this, by giving the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which it refers to as Spiritual Fruit. The qualities that one comes to bear, when they have been walking a spiritual life, one that follows Jesus, and abides in the vine.

This is one of the classic songs I composed with my core equipment, using the roland tr909, juno106, mks80, mks50, and kawai k11, along with a korg ax30g, mixed down on a soundcraft lx7, and tracked on a tascam da88, sequenced with a roland mks50mk2, and a jd800. I wanted to write an album with talked about spiritual fruit. Onitod was my vechicle that I used to remember God by. I find my hope and inspiration spread across the work that God did through me, and this work, allowed me to remember Him, and to learn to turn to Him. I was able to associate the songs, with actions and memories, and then I was able to recall those, and as I listened to these songs in the car, or on commutes, or while drifting off to sleep, I was reminded of God’s presence in my liife, and how He carried me, and has grow me shaped me and molded me over my years. My this song and this album be an inspiration to you, as you hear it, and listen to it.


Onitod – Relentless [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Relentless is fueled by a driving pumping Juno-6, that is pulsating with perseverance. Combing a number of vintage synth sounds in an EDM style, this track keeps moving along. Featuring Roland TR-909, K11, MC-303, KS4, MKS-50, Emu UltraProteus, JV-880, JD-800, JD-990, U-110, Sh-101, Juno-106, and other classics. At 2:34 the style changes, and the song is revived, with a driving second rhythm.

Relentless, is a theme for looking past all your current troubles, and seeing new possibility on the horizon. It is focused on what is next, and striving to attain, and move to that which is next, when the now is filled with depression and frustration.

Things can be different, for those who choose to see another ray of light, there will be another ray of light to find. Awakening to realization of other choices, and other opportunities is the initial step to this new way, this new light. For those who believe in better outcomes, believe relentlessly with a sort of obsession, that a brighter, better future is possible, and then you will see things come together, that will bring about that, which you have been seeking.

This album focused on the struggles with depression, and was aimed to be a hope, to those who are struggling through. The title equates to looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, or the notion that some who are depressed feel less so when they see the sunshine, so they look for the sunshine.


Onitod – Snowflake Angel [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Snowflake Angel is a full-bodied composition, featuring, rich thick and fat pad sounds, which treat your ears to luscious textures. Featuring a Roland Sh-101, MKS-30, MKS-50, Juno-106, JX-3P, TR-909, Korg, Novation, N1R, KS4, Emu Proteus, Roland JV-880, JD-990, JD-800, MKS-80, Kawai K11.

Looking for the refreshing full featured compositions, that take your ears on a journey, and your soul to another dimension, this is the kind of audience this song was written for. Pondering, or contemplating a life decision, this track has a way of cutting through the grime of indecision, and cloudiness, and bringing forth clarity, and finalization to thoughts, ideas, creativity, and production of transmutation of thoughts and ideas.

This album was created around 1999-2001. Focuses heavily on analog keyboards. The sequences were done on a Roland MC50Mk2, and then tracked into 3 Tascam Da88 Multitrack recorders, and then mixed down on a 24 channel Soundcraft LX7, and then mastered between minidisc, and Soundforge. The primary gear was Roland Juno106, Juno1, Juno2, jx3p, mks50, mks10, mks30, mks80, mks70, tr909, tr707, tr626, mc303, sh101, Korg, Novation, Emu, and Kawai.


Onitod – Beg To Differ [ Album: The Future of Music ]

Beg to Differ, was the first song that I recorded, produced, and mastered purely in Logic Pro. Featuring the driving vintage forces of sound from the Roland TR-909, JD-800, JD-990, MKS-80, Juno-106, Juno-1, Juno-2, and some other favorites.

Beg to Differ, was part of my spiritual journey. It was the part of the journey, when I had not realized it was in fact a journey, and a spiritual one. In this time, I had found a discontentment, which had built up over the last 10 years, about running into blockades with writing. What some commonly call, writers block. I was determined, that I needed to overcome this problem that I had to deal with, and started to very much desire a new way of dealing with song writing.

This track was first recorded in MOTU Digital Performer. Using a SoundCraft LX7, and an Art TubeFile8, I found that I was not getting the sound in the computer, to match the sound from the LX7 directly, and after many failed attempts to get things working, I switched from MOTU Digital Performer, to Logic Pro.

That was the last time I used MOTU Digital Performer. Once I started with Logic Pro, I had found my victory. Immediately I was able to reproduce the sounds from my LX7, into Logic, with great transparency. Then I was also able to fix the track, and arrange it, for the first time in my career, to my exact liking. This became my first hit, using Logic, with performance and flexibility to boot, I started writing many many songs, and this one was the beginning of it all.

When you face a trial in life, it is best to know, that all trials can be overcome. Many ways to overcome, do not come, by traditional methods, but they do come by diligence and perseverance. Hang on, hold on, and expect a better outcome, and surely, you will seek it and find it.

The future of music, for me, was that I stopped throwing away and walking away from sequences, that I had made. It was the first album I did in Logic Pro, and it was the frist set of songs, where I started thinking of how to solve the musical problems, rather than walk away from them.


Onitod – Grateful [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Grateful is a powerful combination of sounds. From strong leads, to powerful driving drums and melody. The track is filled with vintage gear, featuring Roland TR-909, TR-707, MKS-80, MKS-70, MKS-50, Juno-2, Juno-106, JD-800, JD-990, Kawai K11, Emu Proteus.

Amid the driving forces, there is a level of awareness of the themes direction, and reoccurring melodies, which come to remind us of the ways in that which we are grateful.

Gratefulness, is a doorway to happiness, and growth. Gratefulness says to the brain, look at all these great things, and it shows our brain, that we are attracted to the good things of this world. Health and wellness, are in many parts, the convergence of well, and healthy ideas, that cause us to pursue great amounts of those things, which produce in us wellness and healthiness. This production of goodness, wellness and healthiness, contribute to a great degree in the amount of well-being that we receive. To put it simply, we are the products of our minds. When we focus on gratefulness, we head in the direction of peace, wellness, and healthy living, and on to joyfulness and happiness.

Here is a video about a bridge, near Mount Scott in Oklahoma. There is a lake to go swimming in there, and an events house. Its a nice place to visit. The bridge is fun to walk, there are many kinds of materials around that were used to construct this place. Its a peaceful place to walk around.


Onitod – Settling Thoughts [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Settling Thoughts, embraces a chill track in an easy to listen electronic arrangement. Complete with Emu Proteus, JV-880, TR-909, TR-707, JD-800, JD-990, MKS-50, Juno-106, Juno-2, Juno-1, TR-626.

Softly pulsating, in the background, let your mind be put to ease. The song slowly progresses, into stress and destress, overcoming the odds, with a steady and powerful groove, that unlock the mind, and allow the mind to settle, and change course. The sounds bring for plasticity of the mind, with winds of liquified change to come and heal you anew.

To change the tide, in your life, or decide on a new direction in life, settle your mind, and let the sounds sooth your soul. Lean into your inner thoughts, and let them fade away like pillows, pushing through the clarity of disorder, and see a new light, and a new opportunity, that enlightens your soul, and brings life to your mind and body. Let the groove gather your heart, and soul, and plunge into a bliss of stress-reduction, and you find your way, and align your thoughts.

Enjoy this video of driving down Mount Scott, in Oklahoma, looking out the window. Put your mind at ease, and let your thoughts settle, as you take a break in your busy day.


Onitod – Temperant [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Temperant starts off with errie sounds, and driving string section, as it pick up speed, it picks up analog vintage snyths. Featuring the Roland TR-909, Emu Proteus, Roland JV-880, Roland JD-800, JD-990, U-110, Juno-106, Juno-2, Juno-1, MKS50, MKS100, MC-50MK2.

The song, climbs, and climbs building momentum, and finally reaching the end, and then resolving.

The word Temperant, means to be steady, to be calm. To be able to handle things, in a way which is not emotionally charged. To not be out of control, or hot-headed. Today, in many cultures we lack the ability to keep control of our own selves, and to have self-control, to be able to take a deep breath, and step back down. It is a lost art to be in control of oneself, with rush hour traffic, and speedy deadlines, life is much a busy whirlwind of activity, that many times does not afford us peace or the luxury to be able to slow down, and be in harmony, not only with our surroundings, but within our selves, in our inner selves.

This album was a series of older music that I did. Music that sat around for almost 10 years, before I brought it to cd. I like to think of myself as a later bloomer, or rather, sometimes it takes a while in life, to get to a place where you start growing.


Onitod – On A Quest [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

On A Quest, is filled with the vintage vibe, Roland TR-707, TR-909, MKS-50, Juno-106, EMU Proteus, and Morpheus, Roland Juno-6, Juno-2, Siel, JD-990, JD-800, JV-880. This song morphs between two themes. The wanderer on a journey, looking and checking down the paths, exploring the surrounds, finding that they change as they move on. The end of the song wraps around to the beginning to complete the course, but it ends in a diffusion of sound.

Many time we are on a quest, one that turns out differently than expected. Many times the coping methods that we use to survive, are not what bring us the happiness and joy, we had once searched for. Sometimes the choices we make, take us away from where we want to go. Hope is always possible, and it is always around the corner. That corner may look cloudy, or seem distant, but trust in the Lord, and hold the course, for resolution.

Looking for the sunshine, is all about a journey, all about realizing your role in this life, and that you make choices, and you can grow in which ever direction you feed your choices. This video illustrates, how I climbed a tree, and then climbed down, because I saw something more precious at the base. Acheivement, can lead to disillusioned success, and a life less fully lived. Stay tuned for more.